How Do I Know What Size of Garden Hose I Need?

garden hose sizes

Garden hoses come in three standard sizes: 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 5/8 inch. Some hoses range from 1 inch to 2 inches, but rare. The hose size is important because it will determine how quickly water is delivered from the spigot to your hose. Below is a quick guide to help you know the […]

Should Garden Hoses Be Brought Inside for Winter?

A Garden hose is a flexible tube used to water flowers and plants. It is often made from plastic or vinyl and comes in a range of diameters and lengths. Garden hoses can be used not only to transport water, but also to spray it out of the top. This is useful for tasks like […]

How Do I Stop My Garden Hose from Twisting

garden hose twisting

A garden hose is a short flexible tube designed for transporting water. A garden hose can twist easily when it is in use, making the movement of the water difficult. After some time, dirt or rust can collect at the point where twists are formed, which makes twisting even more difficult. This guide will help you […]

Are Stainless Steel Garden Hoses Better Than Rubber Hoses?

Are Stainless Steel Garden Hoses Better Than Rubber Hoses

The garden hose has been an indispensable tool for gardeners and landscapers the world over. Every household is never complete without one. This flexible tube carries water and allows the transportation of water from the source to the lawn or the garden. Whether for lawn care or just for hosing down your overeager dog, the […]

Are Expandable Hoses the Best Choice?


Whether you practice gardening or not, this question continuously arises. Are expandable hoses any good? Short answer, yes. These long hoses for gardens can be beneficial to not just homeowners but to anyone who is in need of the length and flexibility that they offer. If you are in doubt about the effectiveness of these […]

What Are The Best Garden Hoses in 2021?


Garden hoses are a necessity for more than just green thumbs! Although consumer demand for hoses has dwindled in recent years, we predict that in 2021, garden and lawn watering will make a huge comeback. Get ahead of the curve by investing in one now – you won’t regret it! Below is our list of […]