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You might be wondering, are there special hoses to handle hot water? Or if you can use your garden hose to run hot water? You might fear that the hot water will melt your garden hose. Hoses are of various quality and manufactured from different materials rubber, vinyl, or polyurethane. Garden hoses differ in quality and their ability to handle hot water. However, some garden hoses can withstand a certain degree of temperature. Hot water hoses have been designed to withstand high temperatures perfectly. If you are unsure of the temperature range of your hose pipe and need to run hot water through it, you need to check it first or upgrade it to a hot water hose.

Do I need a special hose for hot water?

The answer to the question depends on the current type of hose pipe you own. As earlier stated, even some ordinary hose pipes are designed to handle hot water but to a certain degree of temperature. Most common hose pipes can handle hot water up to 60 degrees Celsius. But it is challenging to establish the temperature range of most standard garden hose pipes, hence the need for a special hose for hot water. I will recommend either confirming from an expert or a store near you that your house can handle hot water or just purchasing a special hose for hot water.

Some of the reasons you need a special water hose include?

  • Chemical leaching – hot water increases the chances of chemicals leaching out of your hose. It is recommended to upgrade to a hot water hose. Chemical leaching might make the water unsafe for human or even domestic use.
  • Purpose of the hot water – water for drinking should be run through special hoses for hot water to prevent water contamination. Generally, you should run hot water for domestic use through hot water hoses to prevent chemical leaching or micro plastic due to the melting off of the hose.
  • Safety – ordinary hose pipes not designed to handle hot water can increase the chances of the pipe bursting due to the high pressure of hot water, which may lead to injuries.

Will hot water melt a garden hose?

Different types of Garden hoses will handle hot water differently. It will take at least water at incredibly high temperatures to melt most of the commonly used garden hoses at home. It is important to note that Standard garden hoses made of high-quality rubber can handle water up to 60 degrees Celsius. These degrees of water are not recommended for human use, for taking a shower, or for human contact, as you risk scalding burns. Garden hose pipes manufactured from vinyl are likely to melt due to hot water, but they are most likely to burst or get significant damage than melt.

Hot water hose application in homelife

Hot water hose pipes have several uses at home due to their ability to withstand the damages likely brought by hot water on most regular hose pipes. Some of the applications in homelife include:

Running drinking water

Hot water hose pipes are safer for running drinking water. Hot water increases the chances of chemical leaching if you use a hose pipe not designed to handle hot water. It is recommended to ensure the hose pipe is safe for drinking water or labeled `drinking water safe and free of lead fittings.

Warming a swimming pool

You will need a hot water hose to run your water from the water heater source to your swimming pool. Regular garden hose pipes might not withstand the hot water and burst or melt. Hose pipes not designed for hot water have higher chances of chemical leaching, making the water unsafe for human skin contact.


Hot water for the shower will need a hot water hose. However, ensure that your hot shower water is set to recommended temperatures safe for skin contact. Hot shower water may not be of that extreme temperature but will cause damage to the hose pipe if it is not designed to handle hot water.

To wrap up, hot water hoses are essential at home to effectively handle hot water. A hot water hose ensures safety from accidents that are likely to occur when handling hot water with a regular garden hose. Hot water increases the chances of chemicals leaching from hose pipes hence the need to use a special hose for hot water to ensure that water is safe for domestic use. Check whether your garden hose can handle hot water before deciding to use it and if not, upgrade to the hot water hose. I hope this article will help you learn about hot water hoses and all you need to know.

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