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A vacuum bag is an essential tool when it comes to household management. Besides, it is a dense bag having a valve for letting air in and out. Most importantly, the bag saves time and space in your house. Moreover, the bags save money which you can’t miss considering. Have you ever wondered what items are not to be put in a vacuum bag bearing in mind all the stuff in your house? You find that not everything that one can store in a vacuum bag. Let’s look at what you should not put in a vacuum bag.

Critical things you should never store in a vacuum bag.

1. Cloth materials

Kindly do not put cloth materials in a vacuum bag. Don’t tempt yourself to store them, especially for long, since this may damage your clothes. You should not keep the following cloth materials at any given time in a vacuum bag.

Leather items

Do not put any fabric leather item in a vacuum bag. Besides, you find that as you store items, you can apply some pressure to the cloths as you try to vacuum seal them. Thus, damaging the leather cloth.

Equally, putting them on the bag will make them have creases and change their good appearance. Always ensure you avoid storing leather fabrics for a more extended period to avoid embarrassment.

Fluffy stuff

Pieces of Stuff like wool, feather, or velvet and sleeping jackets should not appear in a vacuum bag. Furthermore, such items have confined air as they try to breathe out.

Most importantly, they will not store heat as required once you compress the items. The vacuum bag does not fit well for them and may even spoil.

Natural fabrics items

Items made from natural fiber like cotton wool, silk cloths are not meant to be on a vacuum bag. Most threads require adequate air ventilation to keep up with their natural shape.

In any case, you are to store them in a bag for a long, air the fabrics regularly. Typically, wool products will keep moisture once in the bag. You might also find that it will spoil other pieces of clothes in your vacuum bag.

2. Certain food

Do not store certain foods in a vacuum bag. Besides, they contain anaerobic bacteria, which grow due to proper airflow. You find that this may lead to food spoilage once you apply a vacuum sealer.
Typically, storing food at a time can save time and money. But the absence of oxygen can make the food go bad. Equally, let’s discuss household food items not meant to be on the vacuum bag.

Fresh mushrooms

Mushrooms generally ripen fast, thus spoil very quickly if vacuum-sealed in a bag. On the other hand, you can comfortably store cooked mushrooms in a vacuum bag.

Freshly cooked greens

Greens tend to emit certain gasses. In any case, you put them in a vacuum bag; it means that the bag will be full of gas. Amicably, before putting them in a vacuum bag, let the greens cool at room temperature. Furthermore, there is a need to keep up with a good flavor for your greens or vegetable. Veggies are essential for healthy living; thus, you must take proper precautions to store them.

Raw bananas

Due to the faster ripening of bananas, don’t be tempted to store them in a vacuum bag. Most importantly, if you don’t intend to consume them within a short period. You can always keep them in a sealed bag or peel them off if frozen.

Whole apples

You will note that apples from a vacuum bag have an inevitable color change. Besides, it means that you will not even enjoy their taste. Always slice the apples first before vacuum sealing them. Furthermore, apples tend to have an inside natural moisture which they can’t get once in a vacuum bag. They function well once you cut them and apply lemon juice before storing them in a vacuum bag.

Light cheeses

Light cheeses have natural moisture and quickly get spoilt in a vacuum bag. i.e., like ricotta, brie, and unpasteurized cheese. Equally, they have an active bacterium which makes them vulnerable.
Compared to hard cheeses, which have no issue and can stay longer in a vacuum bag. To top it all, always differentiate between hard and soft cheese.

Raw Onion and garlic

This stuff can quickly go bad once inside the vacuum bag due to breaking down and producing their gasses. Amicably, you may try getting rid of air from the pack and seal the bag. You find that they will still emit gasses, thus damaging them.

Can you put a warm chicken in a vacuum bag?

Never use a vacuum seal to put a warm chicken in a bag while it’s still hot or warm. Equally, bacteria grow from the hot food once in a vacuum bag. Always ensure that the chicken is in an excellent state at room temperature, then you can apply a vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealing is the best way to store cooked food safely. However, give the food time to cool down to avoid food spoilage after putting them in the bag.

Water or any other liquids

Vacuum bags come along with a vacuum cleaner. Besides, you find that the cleaner should not pick up any liquid or water. Thus, this may damage the machine. On the other hand, if you put water or any liquid in a vacuum bag, it may leak out and burst. You don’t’ need to have that hard time trying to empty a bag full of water and liquid.

Key Takeaway Tip

A vacuum bag can be great to use at home since it saves space and money. However, it is essential to take precautions on certain food items storage. It would be best not to store raw bananas, whole apples, soft cheeses, raw mushrooms, and onions in a vacuum bag.

In addition, you should not put leather items, fluffy stuff, and natural fabrics in a vacuum bag for a more extended period. Equally, this may cause damage to the materials.

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