A wall-mounted bottle opening device is a mini system designed to remove cork caps for bottles, soft drinks, and any other types of bottled drinks that uses cork as its covering parts. Indeed wall mounted bottle-openers are designed for significant events and also home usage. Say you love hosting your friends over at your place or in your backyard, and you are sure drinks with caps would be shared, then you would need the wall bottle-opener. Generally, bottle-openers of these types are fastened to the wall and firmly secured so that when you are opening your bottle, the opener is still attached to the wall. Plus, it provides you with a wall bottle-opener that provides you open access to open your beer bottles any time you desire quickly. Indeed, there are various types of wall-mounted bottle-openers that are designed to be used in homes, bars and wherever you desire to make use of it. Besides, you can opt for the ones with minimal decorative styles, or if you are all about complementing your space, you can opt for the elaborative types.

Typically, a simple wall mount is often made up of hard metal that makes it rugged for practical usage and minimal failure rate. The standard metal used for the opener is steel or iron in a cast form. Mainly the design of this opener is basic and consists of a short body screwed to the wall with two screws. In the middle of this device is the bottle cap opener with a rounded tip that makes it easy for the bottle caps to be released for the bottle when inserted into it. By lifting the body of the battle against the bottle-openers in a downward manner, the lip of the mounted opener grips the edge of the cork cap and releases it from the beer bottle or any soft drink you are aiming to open.

How Do You Mount A Bottle-opener On A Wall

In this section, you would understand how to mount the beer bottle-opener wall mount in your home or in any place you intended to have it installed. To install the bottle-openers from scratch, you would need the following materials: a Special bottle-opener, Oil or other finishing options, Wood glue, Orbital sander, Table saw Several wood species. You would have to follow the highlighted steps:

Step 1: Choose the desired wood type you want for your mounted bottle-opener

This project requires that you choose a fine piece of wood that would host your bottle-opener, and you can use various types of wood that are very good and long-lasting. Among the types of wood you can opt for is the chestnut, and it is easy to clean the surface while it offers your home a reflective shining look. Of course, you can choose to have different hardwood chunks or an Italian wood type.

Step 2: Cut stripes of woods

You can start by cutting your strips of wood and the exact sizes you would love to have on your wall. You can choose to have one or more to have the wall mounted open in various places in your home. The pattern of the wood you are aiming to have in your home is dependent on you. The stripe of wood you have cut can be in different patterns to also make it look more attractive.

Step 3: Time for Glue it up

After coming up with your stripes and are ready to glue them together, ensure you use good quality glue so that the boards would be affixed together. Although the board would not be exposed to water, you never can tell; using strong quality glue would give you peace of mind when nailed to the wall. Clamp the wood together and let it dry properly.

Step 4: Oil and finishes

After the wood material has dried up, it is time to finish work on the wood, and Oil the surface and make the surface more flat and smooth. You can have different finishes on your wood and get ready to have the final steps.

Step 5: Add the bottle-opener

At this point, you can drill out a small hole on the board and screw in the opener bit by bit. After you have screwed in the opener on the wood and it’s ready to be placed on the wall, you can screw it to the wall permanently.

How do you make a magnetic wall-mounted bottle-opener?

Step 1: Select the material you want to use

You can choose the type of hard word you are interested in using. After going for your desired nice piece, which is beautiful and lightweight. You can have the wood to be like 2 to 4 inches, and once you are satisfied with the wood, the next step comes in.

Step 2: Get fancy

This step is very option as you could let your opener board more fanciness and soften the corner or carry out all other fanciness you desire.

Step 3: Boreholes for the magnets

Here you would have the holes drilled into the board you have finished, and the holes should be dependent on the size of the magnets you would like to use for the opener. Using N52 Neodymium magnets for the cap catcher and 4 – ¼” N35 neodymium magnets for the four corners help the bottle-opener mount to the fridge or other magnetic surface.

Step 4: Installing the magnets

After the magnets’ holes are ready, you would have to use some adhesives to permanently fix the magnets in the holes you have drilled on the board. You can make use of super glue and place the magnets in the holes.

Step 5: Put the finish touches and mount them on the wall

You can have many finishing conditions on the wood depending on your choice, and you can put other designs you love to have on the board. After that, you can then mount it on the wall using a screwdriver to screw it to the wall or power drill it firmly. Ensure the mounting is tight and firm with the screws you have used.

How do you open a bottle of beer without an opener?

Say you don’t carry a bottle-opener with you all around, worry less as there are other ways you can open your soft drink, beer or other drinks as there are many ways you can open a beer without an opener.

You might have always found yourself looking for many other objects you can use to open the drink after a stressful day, but you can’t find anything to use.

Here are things you can use to open a beer without a bottle-opener. So instead of smashing the head of the bottle and hurting yourself, here are the tools you can use.

A countertop or a table provides you with a surface and an edge that serves as a perfect way to open your bottle. Ensure that the countertop has a sharp edge and gently pull out the cork crown from the bottle.

Sunglasses: yes, you read it right, sunglasses can be used to open your drink; you have sunglasses, right? A pair of sunglasses can also serve as a bottle-opener; you can pop open the cork with the edge of your sunglasses.

Anything metal: you can use anything metal to remove the cork of the bottle. If you are outside or at a picnic and you can’t find an opener, use a metal handle on the dresser or any metal you find. You would pop the bottle open from underneath, and the cap would fall off.

The 5 top and excellent wall-mounted bottle-openers of 2021

Here are the top excellent wall-mounted bottle-openers in 2021 so far.

1.MADCAP Wall Mounted Bottle-opener

Source: Amazon

This is not a regular bottle-opener; this one is made with a magnet so that the cap does not fall off after it has been opened. When it comes to opening bottles, this opener stands out.

2.Rustic Cast Iron Bottle-opener

Source: hobbylobby

If you are not keen on the style and looks of the bottle-openers, and you are just looking for a bottle-opener, then here is an excellent option for you. This opener is embossed with the word OPEN HERE. This wall-mounted bottle-opener would never give you an excuse again not to drink your favorite bottle.

3.Vintage Wall Mount Wall Plaque Bottle-opener

Source: Walmart

Sometimes you are craving for a stylish bit of openers mounted on your home or bar. It complements your home, and the bottle will do the job.

4.Cap-lord-Wall-Mounted Bottle-opener that has a Cap-Catcher that is Magnetic

Source: caplord

This is a bottle-opener you would love to give out to a friend. As long as there is beer around you or in your fridge, you are good to go and enjoy yourself. This steel stainless wall-mounted bottle-opener also comes with a bottle cap cutter, and you would always have your bottle cap stored. The vintage look also makes it very perfect.

5.The Man Cave Starr X Wall Mount Bottle-opener

Source: Amazon

Nothing is manlier than this awesome wall-mounted bottle-opener named The Man Cave. This bottle-opener is rigid and sturdy as it gives you that easy opening and flexibility. Whether you are presenting it as a gift or hoping to have it installed in your home, it will suit your home perfectly.

Typically bottle-openers are so inexpensive, and they can be worth more as a gift for friends. You can also use it to replace the regular bottle-openers you look around for in your home. After all, you want your wall bottle-openers to be comfortable and easy to use.


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