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Nothing is more frustrating when you decide to work on your garden where your garden hose is not working. That a simple bucket and dipper trick is not enough to cover it is why tap garden hoses are created. It helps cover gardens with huge spaces so water can travel through hoses. And yet, here they are, not working.

Yes, there seems to be a problem. Before a garden hose works, you have to have an item connecting the faucet and hose. A material that can withstand the water pressure and will not get loose.

Before, people used rubbers or cloth to connect the faucet and the hose. But as time pass by, this becomes an inconvenience since this material cannot withstand the water pressure. Good thing the outside tap connector is created. A connector that will link your faucet and your hose perfectly.

If you plan to get an outside tap today, you’ve come to the right post. In here, we will give you information that can help you choose the right outside tap. A complete guide to beat the tricky side of finding a fitting outside tap for your garden hose.

Outside Tap Connector: What do You need to Know?

The first essential thing to know before purchasing your outside tap connector is the size. Size does matter. You don’t want to buy a connector that is too small that it won’t fit. On the other hand, you don’t want a connector that is too big. It cannot hold out against the water pressure, and water will leak everywhere. Another problem that you’ll need to fix when it happens.

Choosing the perfect size may be a little bit tricky but worth it. All you have to do is go outside and measure the connector correctly. Now, if you don’t know what you are doing, we can help you with that. To recommend, you can use the BSP tap connector. Not only will it work 95% of the time, but it will also be easy to connect, which is perfect for first-time users. In addition, it also has an additional adaptor which can work if your outside tap is created using older designs.

Tap Connector Measuring: How to Calculate the right size?

Some people are good at estimation. Once they see it, they know for sure which tap connector to purchase. But if you belong to people who are not so good at this, then the safest way is to measure the diameter of the outside tap. Once you’ve done it, you’ll know which outside tap connector to get. Below are some measurements that would be best compatible with your outside tap connector.

  • 20.99mm Outside Diameter = ” BSP Threaded Tap
  • 26.44mm Outside Diameter = ” BSP Threaded Tap
  • 33.25mm Outside Diameter = 1″ BSP Threaded Tap

Outside Tap Connector: A Standardization or Estimation

As you know now, outside taps may vary in size. The measurement can either be off or on with a couple of inches. These extra spaces allow you to thread out and add a little screw for it, especially since there are different varieties of outside hoses. Furthermore, each outside faucet is located in different house locations, and pressure may also vary. This extra space will allow us to adjust to this matter.

Steps on Connecting Garden Hose to your Outside Faucet

Here is a concise step on how to attach your garden hose to your outside faucet using your tap connector. These steps are easy to follow, so everyone can immediately replicate them.

  • Make sure that your faucet is turned off. You don’t want to work on connecting the hose and the faucet while soaking wet.
  • Get the connector and push it to the end of the hose. This connector is designed differently. The narrower part is destined to be connected to the hose, while the wider part is connected to the faucet.

Life Hack! If you have difficulty connecting the hose and connector, put a little dishwashing soap on the hose before connecting it. It will somehow act as a lubricator.

Take Note: If your faucet has an old design, you can use the adaptor you purchase along with the connector. Put the adaptor on top of the connector before connecting to the faucet.

  • Tighten the screws once you have connected the connector to the hose. This will ensure that the hose will remain connected because of the sudden water pressure.
  • Attached is the hose with the connector to the faucet. Make sure you attach it well, and it is secure.
  • Slowly release the valve of the faucet to allow water flow. This will help the connector, and the hose slowly adjust.
  • Check for any leaks.

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Final Note!

Looking for a suitable outside tap connector is not easy. Not that you know what to do, make sure that you’ll follow what you’ve learned to avoid confusion and mistake when purchasing. Remember, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing the wrong outside tap connector, then follow these guidelines. Surely, nothing can go wrong with it.


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