A garden hose can be used to water a garden, for several other purposes, or even as a makeshift flotation device. You must know what size of garden hose will be right for the job before you go out and purchase a new one. Not all hoses are made equal, and there are many different sizes available.

Different garden hose sizes are necessary for the tasks that you will be performing with the hose. The most common hose widths are the 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, and 1.25-inch hoses. A smaller hose is going to be less expensive and easier to handle, maneuver and store. A larger hose will have a greater water flow, but may not fit in the store holder or may be difficult to carry and work with. The average home will use a smaller hose, but there are many uses for larger hoses at the home of a gardener or landscape contractor.

5/8 inch Hose Pipe

The 5/8 inch hose is an excellent choice for garden hoses, but it can also be used for some appliances and other tasks. A 5/8 inch hose works great to water flowers or small garden plots, but it can also be used to clean a car or boat. If you have a gas grill, a 5/8 inch hose will work for that as well. Since the 5/8 inch hose has relatively low water pressure, it works best for intermittent watering and other minor tasks such as washing your car.

Other Uses of 5/8 inch Hose Pipe

3/4 inch Hose Pipe

The 3/4 inch garden hose is a workhorse that can be used for many types of tasks. It works well for the average-sized garden plot, house plants, and even larger gardens with sprinklers in addition to being used for car washing and other household tasks. The 3/4 inch hose works well for heavier duty jobs such as sprinkler systems and features a higher water pressure.

Other Uses of 3/4 inch Hose Pipe

1 inch Hose Pipe

A 1-inch hose is a good choice for larger gardens, orchards, and landscape irrigation systems, as well as car washing. A 1-inch hose will work best for large watering jobs around the house, and can easily handle hoses with sprinklers attached. The larger hose will also work for watering trees, and the water pressure is great for cleaning cars or other large outdoor equipment.

Other Uses of 1 inch Hose Pipe

1.25 inch Hose Pipe

A 1.25-inch hose works best for very heavy-duty use. At this size, the hose will offer a higher water flow than any of the smaller hoses. A 1.25-inch hose works well for irrigation systems, watering large sports fields, or much larger gardens. The 1.25-inch hose is also a great choice for cleaning large outdoor equipment. The hose will have a very high water flow and is best suited for power washing or watering livestock, such as horses or cows.

Other Uses of 1.25 inch Hose Pipe

Guide On How To Select Your Standard Garden Hose Sizes

Determining the size of your garden hose will depend on what you plan to use it for most frequently and how much water and pressure you need for each task. With a little planning, you can purchase the right hose for your job and be sure that it is easy to use, store and work with.