Do you spend maximum time in front of your monitors? If so, it might make sense to use multiple monitors. If you’re already doing so, it is a good idea to get a proper stand. The triple monitor setup can undoubtedly make you more productive. Not only that, it can make your work easier. The question is, which is the best triple monitor stand available? We will share with you the top 5 Best triple monitor stands available. Not only that, we will help you understand why you should get one.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

Why do you need a triple monitor stand?

There are numerous reasons that make sense to buy a triple monitor arm. These include:

  1. Freeing up space on your desk: When you want to work on 3 monitors and keep them on your desk, it will take up the entire space of your desk. In that case, you cannot do anything on your desk. Once you mount these monitors on the stand, you will no longer have to occupy the space on your desk. You can use it for documents, paperwork, and various other purposes. That is why a triple monitor stand can undoubtedly free up space on your desk.
  2. Work more effectively: Many times, you might have to juggle quite a few things while working. For example, in a single monitor, you might have to open a presentation on another monitor, you might have to speak with your client. For the same, you will need multiple monitors. If you do not keep them in the proper position, you will not work efficiently. Once you get a triple monitor stand, it is easy to view all the monitors and work efficiently. It is another reason why you need to get these triple monitor stands.
  3. Adjusting the monitors according to your requirement: Usually, when keeping the monitors on your desk, you will not be able to adjust them beyond a certain point.
    You might be able to adjust them in angle in a limited fashion but not by 45° or 90°. Once you mount them on the stand, tilting them horizontally as well as vertically is possible. That is why; the viewing angle which you get is excellent. Once you get the right viewing angle, it is possible to keep a watch on all the monitors, which certainly makes it easy for you to work.
  4. Reducing the stress on your neck and back: Once you can adjust the monitor’s position, you will be able to view it without stretching your neck or straining your neck. Once you can easily view the monitors without putting pressure on your back or neck, your stress will reduce. It is one of the primary reasons you need to think about getting a 3 monitor stand. Now, we will help you understand how to choose between these 5 triple monitor stands.
3 monitor mount

What to consider while choosing the best triple monitor stand?

The parameters which you should consider when comparing the different triple monitor arms include:

Before you go through these monitors, it is essential to understand what desk you need for keeping 3 monitors.

How big of a desk do I need for 3 monitors?

For keeping 3 monitors, you ideally need a desk that is 55 inches to 60 inches wide. Only then can you keep the 3 monitors.

In case you’re installing a stand on it, it is still a good idea to use such a large desk so that the stand is stable.

We will now share the 5 best triple monitor stands to help you understand which one you should buy.

Top 5 best triple monitor stands in 2021

1. ECHOGEAR Triple Monitor Stand

triple monitor wall mount
Source: Amazon

The stand which we are highlighting now is easy to mount on the decks. Not only that, it can support 3 monitors, each of 27 inches. That is why; it is one of the best triple monitor stands which you can go with. Before you decide regarding this stand, let us look at its features.


With so many features on offer, you cannot go wrong with this triple monitor stand.


Disadvantages: Packaging can be better

2. WALI Premium GSDM003 Triple Monitor Desk Mount

triple monitor mount
Source: Amazon

The advantage of this triple monitor stand is that it can accommodate flat-screen TVs, monitors, and LCDs up to size of 27 inches. Besides that as well, there are quite a few other features in this stand.


Thus, if you’re looking for a triple monitor stand that is compatible with TVs as well, you can consider this option.


Cons: Limited instructions.

3. Stand Steady 3 Monitor Mount Desk Stand

triple monitor arm
Source: Amazon

3 monitors stand which we are speaking about now can fit monitors from 13 inches to 32 inches. The weight which it can handle of each monitor is 17.6 lbs. Other than that, there are a handful of features that make it stand out.


The combination of these features makes it an excellent triple monitor stand.


Disadvantages: Clamp screws are very tight

4. MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount

three monitor stand
Source: Amazon

The highlight of this triple monitor stand is that it is compatible with 13-inch to 27-inch monitors. The design is such that it supports monitors up to 17.6 lbs of weight. It means that the total weight supporting ability of this stand is over 50 lbs. Besides this, it also offers a lot of great features that make it a convenient triple monitor stand.


The complete customization options which you have to make this triple monitor stand a great choice.


Disadvantages: Packaging needs improvement

5. HUANUO Triple Monitor

3 monitor stand
Source: Amazon

With the compatibility of up to 32-inch monitors, this triple monitor stand can help you work productively. Each monitor can weigh up to 17.6 lbs. That is why it can hold a significant amount of weight.


Thus, you cannot go wrong with so many features on offer with this triple monitor stand.


Disadvantages: Finishing can be better.

Now that you are aware of the 5 best triple monitor stands, we will help you understand how you can install them on the desk.

How to install a triple monitor stand?

The triple monitor stands which we have highlighted above either come with a grommet or a C-clamp.

You can attach both of them to any desk.

You can tighten the seat clamp on the corner of the desk. You can do so in any corner or even in between the edge of the clamp.

When it comes with a grommet, you can install it on the edge of the desk.

It means that in whichever way you want to install the triple monitor stand, these are easy to install.


Thus, when you’re looking for the triple monitor stands, our curated list above can help you choose between the best. You can use the buying guide to your advantage when choosing between these 5 monitors. Once you get any of these stands, it will become easy for you to work efficiently and keep your monitors within viewing range.