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Want the trees in your backyard to remain healthy? Pruning and cutting tree branches from time to time are a necessity. This will help you protect the trees against any kind of disease. Not only that, this will make them grow in the right direction as well. You cannot prune the trees like you prune the bushes or smaller plants with normal tools. You will need proper tools for the same. You need a tree lopper for that.

We do not blame you if you do not know what it is. One such tool is a tree lopper. It allows you to easily cut the branches as well as the leaves of the tree.

When you search for tree loppers, you will understand that there are hundreds of options available. To help you choose between the tree pruners, we have made this useful guide. Today, we will help you understand the need for the tree lopper and what it exactly is, and the best tree loppers in 2021.

Should I buy a tree lopper?

There are essentially three reasons why you need to think about buying the tree clipper. We will highlight these three reasons below.

  1. Control the growth of trees: During the initial few years, the further the tree grows, the better it is for you. The shade will increase as well. However, once the tree grows large enough, you will have no other option but to control the tree’s growth. You cannot allow it to grow uncontrolled. That is why, to control the tree’s growth, you might have to prune the branches. For the same, you will need a lopper.
  2. Prevent diseases in trees: Many times, a particular branch or a set of leaves of the tree suffers from a disease. If you do not do anything about the disease or pests, the rest of the tree gets infected. Soon enough, the entire tree will rot and die. Wondering about the solution to the same? You will have to prune that branch or that set of leaves. With the help of the tree lopper, you can do so easily. Thus, if you want to protect the tree from the disease, you have no other alternative but to buy a lopper and cut the infected part.
  3. Prevent damage to your property: What happens when the tree starts growing in the direction of your property? It can be your house or your fence. If the branches keep on pushing against any of these, sooner than later, that part of your property will suffer from damage. The consistent pressure of branches or trees will not only impact the finishing of that part of your house but will eventually lead to cracks and other such problems. Additionally, pests and other living beings will find a way into your property with the help of these branches. It can lead to a lot of problems. It can lead to a lot of problems.

That is why, if you want to prevent any damage to your property, it is a good idea to use a tree lopper and make sure that the branches of the tree do not come in contact with your property.

As you can see, there are three very strong reasons why you need to buy a tree pruner. Not everyone is aware of the exact applications of the same. To help you out, we will share with you how you can use it below.

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What are tree loppers used for?

There are essentially three purposes why you might need a tree clipper.

  1. Pruning branches: The most common application is to prune the branches. Depending on the tree branch cutter you buy, you might be able to prune the bigger branches as well. That is why controlling the growth of the tree indeed becomes easier for you.
  2. Pruning bushes: When buying a tree lopper, you might think that it is only suitable for cutting the trees. That is not true. You can easily prune bushes with the help of it. The precision cutting mechanism ensures that you need not buy another tool if you want to cut the bushes. Similarly, the low effort which it requires ensures that you can prune bushes in bulk as well. That is why; you will not have to worry about getting any other tool for the same.
  3. Pruning hedges: Many times, hedges work as a border of your property. However, an overgrowth can deteriorate the aesthetics. Not only that, overgrowth means that the hedges will start growing on your neighbor’s property right onto the pavement. You can face a fine for the same. With the help of a lopper, you can prune the hedges and keep them in shape. You won’t have to worry about hiring a landscaper either. It means that not only can you maintain the aesthetics but also save money in the process.

These are the 3 applications of tree lopper. We will now help you understand what size loppers you need.

What size loppers do I need?

There are essentially 2 different ways in which you can determine the size of the tree lopper. We will highlight both of them below.

  1. Handle length: The handle length of the lopper can vary from 15 inches to 32 inches. You have to determine how much of a handle length you need. If you aren’t sure about the same, you can buy one with a telescopic handle. Once you do so, you can adjust the handle length according to your requirement. The handle length entirely depends on personal preference. Thus, whether you get a lopper with a long handle or a short one depends on your personal preference.
  2. Branch cutting capability: The size of the tree lopper you buy will also depend on the type of branches it can cut. These are measured in terms of the diameter of the branches which they can cut. If you want to deal with smaller branches, you need to buy one that can cut 1.5-inch diameter branches. Otherwise, you need to buy a lopper that can cut 2-inch branches or higher.

Thus, the size will also be dependent on the branch cutting ability of the lopper. Once you take these two factors into account, buying the lopper of the right size is easy. So, anything else that we need to think about before we go to buy a tree lopper?

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What do we need to consider when we buy a tree lopper?

While comparing the different tree loppers, you should compare them on parameters like:

  • Branch cutting capability: The first thing you need to look at is how big branches can cut the tree lopper cut. The specification is measured in terms of the diameter of the branches. At the minimum, you should buy a tree lopper that can cut 1.5-inch diameter branches. Of course, if you want to get a versatile tree lopper, make sure that it can cut branches up to 2 inches in diameter. That way, you will be able to cut the heavier branches as well.
  • Blade quality: Of course, when you’re buying a tree lopper, you will be using it regularly. If the blade quality is not good enough, the wear and tear of the blades will be high. Many times, when the blades suffer from extensive wear and tear, you might have to replace the entire tree lopper as well. In that case, you need not worry about sharpening the blades. To avoid all this trouble, you have to look at the blade’s composition and its design. If it consists of steel or tungsten or any other such sturdy material, you will not have to worry about sharpening them. Similarly, such loppers can last for years together as well. That is why it is important to look at the blade quality, and only after that can you take a call on the tree lopper you want to buy.
  • Handle: Only when the tree lopper is comfortable to hold will you be able to cut the branches easily. Otherwise, there will be hand fatigue. Ideally, you’re looking for a tree lopper that has a nonslip grip. That way, you will be able to cut the branches precisely. Not only that, the handle should be long enough to hold it easily. The design of the handle with respect to the gear needs to be such that the amount of effort needed to put into it should be limited. Once the handle has all of these features, you will easily use the tree lopper.
  • Portability: Of course, not always will you be using the tree lopper on your property. Many times, you might have to carry it with you to a camping site or some other such place. This is where the portability and the lightweight design of the tree lopper come into the picture. If you would like to carry it with you, it is good to go with a compact one.
  • Durability: Apart from the blade durability, you have to look at the overall durability of the tree lopper as well. Only when the rivets, gear, and cam are durable can you use them for years together. Otherwise, you will have to replace it pretty soon.

Once you compare the 3 best tree loppers below on these few parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy for you.

Top 3 best tree loppers in 2021

1. Fiskars 394801-1003 PowerGear2 Bypass Lopper

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The USP of this lopper is that it can cut the branches up to 2 inches thick. The patented power gear technology enables the same. Not only that, it gives you 3X more power due to the patent design as well. There are a few other features that help it stand out as well.


  • There are 3 different sizes available. While today, we are speaking about the 32-inch size, but if you’re looking for a smaller one, you can get it in the 18-inch and 25-inch sizes.
  • With the help of modified gear and cam mechanism, it ensures that the effort you have to put into it is on the lower side. The patented design means that you will get 3X more power. That is why you will be able to prune and cut the branches in a jiffy.
  • The ergonomic handle certainly ensures that even when dealing with many trees, you will not feel any hand fatigue. The soft grip touch point ensures that it is quite comfortable as well.
  • The hardened steel blade means that you will not have to worry about sharpening it again and again. The low friction coating means that the amount of effort which you put into it reduces even more. Also, the coating ensures that the dust will not be a problem either.
  • The optimized design not only reduces your effort but ensures that you can cut the branch at the spot you want. That is why, if you want to cut with precision, this tree lopper will not disappoint you.

With so many features on offer, it is tough to ignore this tree lopper in favor of any other.


  • Steel blades on offer
  • Suitable for precision cutting
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in different size options
  • Rust resistant
  • Offers 3X power


  • Packaging can be better

2. THANOS Extendable Anvil Loppers

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The highlight of this tree lopper is that you can vary its size. It has an extendable handle. That is why; you can vary it between 27 inches to 40 inches. There are 6 telescopic sections that you can release with the lock button. That is why, if you’re looking for a customizable tree lopper, you can go with this. There are a handful of other features which make it unique.


  • When you look at its blade, it consists of an SK5 steel blade. The blade is coated. That is why the wear and tear of the blade is on the lower side. The Teflon treatment means that you won’t have to worry about rust either. The low friction design means you can use it easily. Along with that, the nonstick coating ensures that it can glide through the wood easily. With so many features on the blade itself, it is certainly a good tree lopper to go with.
  • The handle consists of aluminum material. You can easily adjust it between 27 inches to 40 inches. The lock button helps you in releasing 6 different telescopic sections as well.
  • It can handle branches of up to 2 inches which ensures that you can cut the branches effortlessly.
  • The aluminum material also ensures that it is lightweight in design. That is why; if you want to carry it around, you can do so easily.
  • When you observe the handle, it consists of anti-slip rubber. That is why; you will not have to worry about vibration. The rubber handle gives a good grip as well.

With all the necessary features, it is a tree lopper which you can go with.


  • Telescopic handle design
  • Adjustable length
  • Can cut branches of 2 inches
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Lightweight design


  • Limited instructions.

3. Melnor 84760-IN Pack Bypass Pruner Pruner & Lopper

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Many times, you might need a smaller tree lopper. If that is your requirement, the one which we are highlighting now will meet your requirements. Despite being small in size, it is quite powerful and has many other features.


  • It consists of titanium blades. The titanium blades ensure that they will not lose their sharpness. The titanium material also means that it will be able to cut through the branches easily.
  • The 27-inch bypass lopper design means that it is easy to use. Along with that, you also get an 8.5-inch bypass Pruner in the set. It comes in the form of a combo set.
  • It can cut branches up to a 1.5-inch diameter
  • The nonslip cushioned grip ensures that holding it and cutting the branches is going to be easy.
  • The small size ensures that it is quite portable. You can keep it in your toolkit or your backpack and carry it with you wherever you go.

Thus, it does not get any better when looking for a compact tree lopper than this combo.


  • Titanium blades
  • Combo set
  • Can cut branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Nonslip grip


  • Not suitable for bigger branches


Thus, if you want to keep the trees in shape and also want to ensure that the trees remain disease-free, these tree pruners can certainly come to your rescue. To choose between these 3 best tree loppers, all you need to do is follow our guide above. Once you do so, you can choose from our carefully curated list of best tree loppers.


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