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We all understand the importance of going out and spending some time with nature. This does not only help us feel fresh and happy but also helps us in getting a little more connected to mother nature. Especially in the case of kids, it is very important to teach them the importance of looking after nature and the environment at a very small age. A great way of doing this is taking them to the garden and letting them help you when you are gardening. Doing this will give you the chance to teach them something new and spend time with them.

However, letting them help you is a great idea but it can be risky as well. This is because kids have very sensitive and soft hands. Doing gardening with these hands can result in cuts, scratches, and even blisters at times. So the best option is getting them a good pair of kids gardening gloves. These will protect their small hands and will also allow them to enjoy themselves with you in the garden. So here is the guide that will help you understand something you need to know about the gardening gloves for Kids. Before this, we need to figure out that why do children need gardening gloves.

Why do kids need gardening gloves?

Gardening is a fantastic way of introducing your kids to the world of plants. It will help them to understand the life-cycle of any plant from seed to flowering. Gardening is also a great family activity that will give them the sense of helping out.

Kids will also learn about the insects and other living creatures that can be found in a garden. They will meet worms and slugs down at ground level, and butterflies and bees up at the top of the plants. Gardening gives parents a wonderful opportunity to explain how pollinating insects are very important in keeping the environment safe. Without them, there would be no plants! As we are in the midst of a climate change crisis it is good that we can help our kids understand the importance of plants and insects.

Handling the soil and getting your hands dirty is a great experience. There are, however, some unpleasant surprises in the garden. Apart from slimies like slugs and snails, there might be sharp stones of other bits of debris in the soil that could easily cut tender young hands. Also, there are thorns on some plants and others that have sap in their stems that burn skin. Some plants can sting too!

Getting a pair of gardening gloves for your child is necessary if they are going to help out in the garden. They will protect your child’s hands from getting cut or bruised. Children’s gloves will also give protection against any sap that might irritate their skin and save them from stinging leaves. Gloves that are waterproof or water-resistant will also allow your kid to work away in wet conditions. Wet bare hands make gardening that bit more difficult, so protection will make handling plants and tools easier.

Wearing a pair of proper gardening gloves will also make any kid feel important. They will be kitted out to do a good job and will feel proud when they have worked for a while just like Mum or Dad. Feeling grown-up now and again is an important part of a child’s development.

Having gardening gloves to wear will also get kids used to wear the correct protective clothing in later life. It is a good habit to develop when young. Professional gardeners usually wear gardening gloves as a normal part of their work clothing. Amateur gardeners should do the same to help protect themselves and getting youngsters used to doing so will set them up for adult life.

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What to look for in a pair of gardening gloves?

When you choose a pair of gardening gloves for your child, keep in mind the types of jobs or tasks they will be doing. Ask yourself a few questions. Will they be using any tools? Will they be outside gardening in wet weather? Are you going to ask them to help with hard or heavy jobs? Will they be wearing them for long periods of time?

If your child will be using any tools, then gloves with a latex-impregnated palm on the gloves will make gripping easier. Some tools can be awkward to handle and latex ensures that they don’t drop them.

If your child is likely to be outside gardening in wet weather then waterproof or water-resistant gloves are a very good idea. Some children become dedicated gardeners at a really young age and want to be out tending their plants in all weathers. It is possible to get rubberized gloves that protect against wet conditions as well as some other gardening hazards.

If you are expecting some hard work from your child, then the gloves you buy for them should be sturdy. Gloves made from leather are great in this respect.

When gloves are going to be worn for a long period of time they need to be breathable. This will stop little hands from getting hot and uncomfortable. Some gloves intended for light work will be made from cotton which is a good breathable fabric. Lightweight gloves are best for wearing over long periods.

All gloves should be comfortable to wear. Those with a knitted elasticated wristband are both cozy and prevent bits of twig or earth from slipping inside the glove. A polyester or cotton lining will make a pair of gloves that bit more comfortable to wear.

One further consideration is washing the gloves after use. Children generally like to keep their clothes clean and gardening gloves will count as clothes! Buy a pair that is machine washable and your child will be able to into the garden each time feeling like a million dollars.

Children love to have designs or patterns on their clothing too. Most gardening gloves aimed at children have appealing designs on them. Often the motif relates to the outdoors – a rabbit maybe. If your child is fussy about the colors they wear, kids’ gardening gloves come in a wide range.

What tasks will kids need to wear gardening gloves for?

Once you have chosen a great pair of gardening gloves for your child they will need some supervision when using them. This will involve you in some overseeing while they learn about gardening.

One task that will need supervising is weeding. It can take a kid quite some time to learn which plants are the ones you want to grow and which are weeds. This is certainly the case when the plants are just seedlings. Plant recognition is a great skill for a kid to have so do encourage them to spot and name plants from an early age. They will need to wear gloves for the weeding.

Planting young plants out also requires some knowledge and skill. Planting in the right place that is suitable for each particular plant is important. Making a small hole and then pushing the earth back around the plant’s roots correctly has to be learned. Gloves will help keep hands safe when planting new plants.

Gloves are also essential if pruning or cutting back big plants like shrubs. They will be a must if pruning roses!

Best Kids Gardening Gloves In 2021

1. COOLJOB Kids Rubber Gardening Gloves

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The COOLJOB kids gardening gloves are designed to fit small hands. These gloves protect your kid’s hands and come in three different sizes as well. These are highly comfortable gloves that can be very useful for your kids while working in the garden with you.

Features: The COOLJOB kids gloves have some great features. It is highly breathable and has a polyester base. It is very flexible, lightweight, and great for small and sensitive hands. It is very comfortable to work with and has high elasticity for better work. It is made up of soft thicken rubber latex which reduces hand fatigue and does not let your kids sweat while working.

Advantages: It Comes in 3 different sizes are Small, Medium, and Large. It can be used for kids aged 3 years to 12 years. It has incredible fitting and is made up of rubber which protects your kid’s hand completely. It can be washed in the machine and can be air-dried without any hassle.

2. GLOSAV Children Gardening Gloves

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The GLOSAV kids gloves are made up of foam latex and have a polyester back. It is very comfortable for kids and comes in two different colors. It can be used for all types of outdoor activities and keeps your kid’s hands free from sweat, keeping them dry and cool.

Features: These gloves are highly durable and very flexible. These are easy to work with and have soft rubber inside for your kid’s palms. These are made up of very high-quality latex that is thick and protects your kid’s hands at all costs.

Advantages: These gloves are incredibly sturdy and flexible. They are easy to work with and are comfortable when worn. It is highly durable and comes in 5 different sizes that are suitable for kids of 2 years to 12 years.

3. Vgo Children Gardening Soft Safety Gloves

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The Vgo kids gardening gloves are a great choice of gloves for gardening and outdoor activities. They are made up of rubber and come in 3 different sizes which are the XXS for 3 to 5 years, XXS for 5 to 7 years, and XS for 7 to 9 years. These are highly flexible and can be great for your kids.

Features: These gloves come in 3 different colors and are made up of high-quality rubber. These are anti-slip gloves that prove great grip while working in the garden. They have very good fitting and are highly comfortable for small hands.

Advantages: These gloves are easily washable and can be used for multipurpose. They are very high on elasticity that allows better performance when your kids help you in the garden. They are non-slip gloves that allow you to work even when they are wet.

4. KAGYO Kids Polyester Seamless Gardening Gloves

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The KAGYO kids gardening gloves are great gloves that can be used for all types of outdoor activities and not only for gardening. They come in two different colors and are made up of polyester. These are a great option for kids as they help your kids with easy hand movements while working in the garden.

Features: These gloves have a great grip that allows them to pull the fruits and dig the soil easily when helping you in the garden. It has a sandy finish grip that does not slip and gives a good grip even when it is wet. These are highly durable and lightweight that helps your kids with a better gardening experience.

Advantages: These gloves come in 3 different sizes which are XXXXS for ages 3 to 5 years, then there is XXXS for ages 5 to 7 years, and XXS for ages 7 to 9 years. The fitting of these gloves is very good. It is highly comfortable to wear and can be easily washed in the washing machine. These are lightweight and breathable as well and allow your kids to enjoy while they work.

Final Words

Spending time with your kids is very important. Not only for their growing years but throughout. Including them in home chores that you do like letting them help you while baking and gardening help them feel a lot more loved and appreciated. Letting your kids help you in the garden can be a great idea where you can spend time with them and also teach them new things that will be helpful for them later in life.

However, it is very important to first keep in mind their safety. So make sure to first give them good kids gardening gloves that will help them in keeping their hands safe and clean while working in the garden.


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