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Giant bean bag is a comfortable and wonderful home fixture ideal in house, it can provide great support when you watching movies, play video games, reading, and etc. So, here is the guide about how to buy the best giant bean bag for our demands, what we need to consider and etc, hope it can help you!

Are bean bags chairs worth it?

1. They are affordable.

Purchasing a bean bag does not require you to have a lot of money. This gives an advantage to young people who want a chair in their living rooms and their budgets are squeezed. The materials used to make bean bag chairs are so cheap leading to their low selling prices. Also, there are no processing costs associated to the making of these bean bag chairs thus making them affordable.

2. Easy to clean.

The procedures of cleaning bean bag chairs are very simple. What you ought to do is just unzipping the outer lining and begin to wash using your hands or a washing machine. The idea of spot cleaning is not associated with bean bags which is a common thing to other regular chairs.

3. Their use is multi-purpose.

Unlike other regular chairs, bean bag chairs can be used in homes or even offices. Since they are easily portable, using them in an office is much easy. They provide a comfortable posture for one who is sited in an office working on a laptop all day long than just sitting on a swivel chair. Bean bags also can be used on outdoor events. The materials used to make them are at times resistant to ultra violet rays and also waterproof.

4. They are environmental friendly.

The materials used to make bean bag chairs are not from trees compared to other regular chairs. Therefore, the cutting of trees is avoided at all costs thus reducing the chances of global effects affecting the environment. Similarly, the dried beans used to make them are biodegradable thus making them friendly to environment.

5. It is comfortable to use them.

Sitting on bean bag chairs provides great comfort as you can change your siting posture at any given time. Similarly, those who experience back pains can employ the use of bean bags as they conform to their body conditions. Also, if you have kids with you, using bean bag chairs is a great idea because they reduce the chances of injuring them especially when they fall down.

huge bean bag chair
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What is a giant bean bag chair made of?

There are several materials that can be used to make bean bags. One can go for a certain material depending on where to use the chairs. For indoor use, the best fabric would be linen or natural fibre whereas for outdoor use, you can opt to use marine grade vinyl which is waterproofed and ultra violet resistant. The best fabrics to use as below.


Vinyl fabrics are widely used because of the fact that they are waterproof, stain resistant and resist ultra violet rays. It also provides comfort to the users due to its thin foam layer with a greater density. It is also cheap to purchase the vinyl material.


Cotton is a natural fibre that comes with several colors which are dyed instead of embedding into the fabrics. They can be used with any furniture that we have. Their weaves are very tight and the backing prevents the effects of fraying and loosening. It is advisable to use bean bags chairs made of cotton indoors away from sunlight due to the dying of colors.


Fustian fabric produces corduroy which is the most durable kind of fabric. Since the fabric is made by weaving an extra fabric into it, there is no need for backing. This enables the fabric to be pulled in several directions leaving it intact.

Faux suede

Bean bags chairs made of the faux suede are used indoors only. This is due to the fact that the material does not resist sun light rays and also retains water when rained on. There are two options for the faux suede, the fake option and the real option. The fake option is widely used due the technology used in making them.

Faux fur

Cellulose and other synthetic materials are used to make faux fur. They are an alternatives for the animal fur which could have been used. The base fabric determines the density of faux fur that is going to be used. The higher the GSM, the greater the density of the fabric.


The strength of a leather makes backing not a necessity. Using leather is the most expensive material for bean bags. The material however does not resist sun rays and isn’t waterproofed. They are sewn using a machine where color tanning is done. With time, leather gets warned and creasy. The tanning enables the multitude of colors easy to be used.

Why are bean bags so expensive?

The prices of bean bags depend on the quality of the materials that is used to make them. Some of the factors contributing to the increased prices of bean bag are:

The fabrics used

Materials used to make bean bags may lead to an increase in their prices. For instance, silk and leather are commonly used but their prices are high leading to the increased prices of bean bags. Additional materials that provide resistance to UV, waterproof and heat resistance are expensive when used to make bean bags.

The size of the bean bag

The larger the size of a bean bag, the higher the price. This is due to the amount of material used to make the large bean bag. A large bean bag chair requires more beans, fabric and any other material that will be required which adds cost to the chair.

The quality of fillers increases the comfort of a bean bag

Artificial beads such as virgin polystyrene have been used as an alternative of natural beads. This is because the natural feeds compost easily with time. These artificial beads are expensive to purchase therefore when used, it increases the prices of bean bags.

How long does a bean bag last?

In reality, a quality bean bag is supposed to last for about 3-4 years. When not use properly, it tends to get flat. In case there are kids who jump over a bean bag, changing of the beans after some time is advisable.

Top 3 Best Giant Bean bag Chairs in 2021

In hindsight, we may have initially thought of bean bag chairs as merely big blobs of uncomfortable or outdated cushions placed at the corners of our rooms. Such are things that we didn’t really pay much mind to. However, the same bean bag chairs have caught up to the modern trends and have been evolving drastically since then.

From being size-inclusive, stylishly designed, and well-made, it’s now considered a great thing to own in bedrooms, game rooms, and especially small living spaces. They’re most particularly a great way to save space while not dulling your interior decoration at the same time. With this, modern, giant bean bag chairs had become an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable go-to furniture for people of all ages.

However, despite the innovations and improvements, not all bean bag chairs may suit your taste and preferences. Surely, you’d still have a lot of things to consider. For example, it’s best to take note that your bean bag chair matches your room interior, or that the cover material isn’t something that doesn’t easily scratch. In some cases, it’s also necessary to check the filling material, since you’d want a bean bag chair that’s especially sturdy and durable.

Still, if you look hard enough, you may find the best ones that suit your likes. Because of this, we’ve searched for the Top 3 Best Bean Bag Chairs that you need to consider before buying one – from budget to style, these giant bean bag chairs are most definitely the top picks!

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

giant bean bag chair
Source: Amazon

This product is impressive enough for a high-quality bean bag chair that doesn’t sacrifice comfort nor drains out your budget. It’s 5-foot in size, which means that it’s pretty sizable for its price and is also best when you want to lounge or to just relax. Besides that, its filling is also comprised of shredded memory foam instead of the common beans or pellets, which truly amps up the level of comfort that this bean bag can bring you. Chill Sacks also comes with several available sizes, from 2-feet to 8 feet, but the standard 5-foot option is suitable for the mid-range size. You might also love this because it’s neither big nor too small and is also roomy enough to seat two people comfortably.

In case you’re wondering whether it suits your interior, Chill Sack is also available in 26 different hues. Its removable and machine-washable cover is equipped with reinforced seams as well as durable zippers, which makes it convenient if you have dogs or pets at home.

In fact, customers who have already availed of the product say that the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair provides just the level of comfort they needed, for it wasn’t exactly overstuffed nor understaffed. The Chill Sack makes it cozy enough to lounge since it conforms to the shape of your body while providing enough support as well.


The best part of owning this Chill Sack bean bag is that firstly, it comes with a reasonable price. With the quality of the material, you’ll be pleased enough to know that you’re getting what your money is worth. Aside from that, it also comes in several sizes, which is great if you want to lounge with your legs stretched out or if you just plainly want to curl up and be cozy. You also don’t have to worry about matching it with your home designs, since it has 26 color options you could choose from to keep your home aesthetics in check. Its machine-washable cover is convenient for routine cleanings or sanitation, too.


The only downside to this huge bean bag chair might probably be its weight. For a 5-foot standard bean bag, it’s relatively heavy, weighing up to 55 pounds. Because of this, you might find it an extra hassle to move around, especially when you’re picky about where to place it.

Budget Joe Milano Standard Bean bag Chair

huge bean bag
Source: wayfair

If you feel like most of the bean bags you’ve considered are simply too expensive for your allotted budget, then the Joe Milano Standard bean bag chair might be for you. With the standard price ranging from $52 – $92, this bean bag chair is promising in terms of its quality and comfort.

Unlike most blob-looking beanbags, this Joe Milano bean bag has a structured backrest alongside an actual sitting space that accommodates 200 pounds. Its also filled with mega beans which are claimed to last longer than the usual bean bag fillers. You also don’t have to worry about these beans spilling out – its reinforced stitching makes it impossible to ever happen. Depending on your discretion, you can opt to add filling to this bean bag chair if you noticed that it has been becoming soggy over time.

Despite the Joe Milano bean bag being shaped like an actual chair, it still is pretty cozy to lounge in because of its adjustable comfort in different sitting positions. Besides, this is also ideal for any room as a finishing touch or accent, and also comes in gray, navy, mint green, red, black, and sapphire blue available colors.


First of all, this bean bag chair is budget-friendly which is already great for its quality. Its structured backrest also allows you to sit comfortably, even sustaining a capacity of up to 200 pounds at that. Moreover, its reinforced stitching assures that the filling won’t have any chance of leaking out.


Unlike the Chill Sack bean bag, this product has only one configuration. However, while it can’t sit multiple people in the same space, it still is a great bean bag deal to buy.

Yogibo Max Bean Bag Chair

giant bean
Source: yogibo

If you’re looking for a giant bean bag chair that has it all – the Yogibo Max is your best bet. It can be your couch, bed o,r lounging chair at the same time. Its versatility is a great addition to your living spaces, especially if you’re a family person since this bean bag can fit up to 4 people. More than that, despite its size, it’s even lightweight enough to move around, so there’s no problem with being burdened to carry it if you prefer it in a separate space.

Perhaps the greatest feature of this Yogibo Max is its zero-pressure technology. Basically, this means that it’s filled with frictionless beads and takes shape of your body well once you lounge into it. Besides that, it also reduces any of the pressure points.


The Yogibo Max’s Multi-purpose design makes it a piece of versatile furniture to have in your home spaces. It can also be used to style your interior as it comes in 13 different colors and is made up of interchangeable cotton-spandex covers which are machine washable, too.


Despite the Yogibo Max being machine-washable, the only problem that you might experience is that the cover is especially hard to line up after washing. You might find it extra work to do this, but it’s no doubt that its advantages outshine this one small trouble.


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