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Gardening is one of the perfect hobbies that are known today. It’s not only an enjoyable activity but also a hobby that comes with health benefits, both physically and mentally. Gardening is a good form of light exercise. It also allows a person to be exposed to healthy amounts of sunshine daily, which is necessary to convert vitamin D to its active form. Furthermore, it also helps the mental well-being of a person by relieving stress. It gives a sense of fulfillment to enthusiasts when they watch their plants grow from a seedling to their mature form.

The only downside related to gardening may be the soiled clothes from kneeling on the grass or dirt. In addition, prolonged unsupported kneeling on the ground may put too much pressure on the knees and can cause knee pain, especially to seniors and those with joint diseases. Thankfully, garden kneelers are here to save the day.

What Garden Kneelers and Seats Are?

These are useful garden tools that allow a person to lower his body to the ground and assume a kneeling position. This is created with a cushion, where the gardener places his knees on. This tool not only protects the knees from dirt but also provides comfort by relieving pressure while kneeling down.

It is a multipurpose toolkit that you can use in the garden. It helps you do everyday tasks such as planting, harvesting, or weeding. You may know that you have to kneel or bend over; hence, this tool offers you the best Seat and kneeling pad features for your knees. For many, these tasks are challenging to do as they have issues with bending or kneeling. Also, weeding can take some hours if you have a large garden which will hurt your knees more. Garden kneelers and seats are available with a padded seat; keeping this in mind makes gardening easy on your lower body, preventing pain or soreness.

Why Garden Kneelers Are Needed?

Garden kneelers are needed because of many reasons. First, it protects the clothes from getting dirty. Gardening involves prolonged kneeling on the grass or soil and doing so can make grass and dirt attach to clothing. Second, it makes the gardening process more comfortable and prevents problems from prolonged kneeling. When people kneel, all the pressure from one’s body weight is placed on the knees. When kneeling is done on a hard surface, this may place too much burden on the knees and can cause pain, much more if the ground is uneven. In addition, those who are also suffering from arthritis cannot tolerate kneeling on hard surfaces. Garden kneelers relieve their users from knee pain by providing a cushion between the ground and the knee. Lastly, some garden kneelers are designed to have supported on each side to facilitate easier rising from the kneeling position.

Common Types of Garden Kneelers

1. Gardening Knee Pillows

This type is easy-to-carry lightweight padded mats. Most of it has a hanging hole or handle so that a person can easily carry it wherever they go. The cushion part of the mat may be created by a single or multiple layers using different textured mats and paddings. Some of the pillow types also include a memory foam layer.

2. Garden Kneeler Pads

This type is similar to shin pads used to prevent falls. These are attached to the knees and make the hands free to use, like carrying other tools used for gardening.

3. Garden Kneeling Benches

The bench-type of the garden kneeler is basically a pillow type attached to a frame. This type can be used in two ways. When used during kneeling, the frames act as support to the user especially when he finds it difficult to get up from a kneeling position. It can also be used as a bench. All one needs to do is flip the bench upside down. The person can use it for sitting if he wants to tend to plants that are located higher up from the ground.

Garden Kneeling Bench vs Garden Kneeling Pad

Both of these types offer the same benefit in protecting the knees from the pain. One type just has an additional feature that adds to its advantage.

The bench-type has an added frame to it. This makes it versatile to use in gardening. It can be used when kneeling and it can also double as a seat when it is flipped over. There are already designs available today that have a foldable frame for easy carrying and storage. Due to its added frame, it may add more weight to the tool.

On the other hand, garden kneeling pads offer a more compact and hands-free comfort. Since the pads are already attached to the knees, it leaves the hands free to carry other stuff. In addition, since it is small, it is very lightweight. The gardener can just kneel anytime without the added hassle of constantly placing the kneeler below the knees before assuming the position.

Best 3 Garden Kneelers and Seats 2021

Choosing the best garden kneeler and seat depends on your particular needs and preferences. There are tons of garden kneelers and seats available in the market 2021. The perfect way to find out the appropriate one for you is to read reviews and understand your needs.

1. TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden With Foldable Stool

kneeler pad
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for a convenient toolkit, the TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat toolkit has a multi-functional kneeler where you can use a seat when you finish it and use it as a kneeler while weeding. It provides you with a giant tool bag with four pockets and one more small tool bag with three sacks. This kneeler seat makes it convenient to keep your tools outdoor to take them anywhere and anytime. This kneeler, a foldable and portable stool, is lightweight and easy to store, not taking much space. It is 23.1 * 11.5 * 5.4 inches with 5.7 pounds, leading to durable and high-quality material with a comfortable foam cushion. The best part is that you get one year warranty.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy for storage and foldable
  • Supports 330lbs and one year warranty
  • Affordable and comfortable foam pad


  • Imported equipment

2. VIVOSUN Portable And Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat

garden kneeling pad
Source: Amazon

The heavy-duty steel frame construction, Vivosun Garden Kneeler, and Seat are solid and durable, supporting up to 330lbs weight with 23.6″ x 19″ x 10.6″ dimensions. Its foam cushion is of EVA soft materials that reduce pressures on your waist, knees, and back during pruning. It is slip-resistant, foldable, and portable that you can store and move anywhere and anytime according to your convenience. This toolkit has two tools bags made up of PVC material that has ample space to store. Additionally, it also has a place to keep your water bottle or gardening tools. This kneeler is a fantastic way that keeps you comfortable and relaxed, reducing strain on your knees and back.
The best part about it is that this foldable and portable kneeler and the Seat have a removable tool bag, double pad, four No-slipping buckles, and a sturdy steel frame.


  • Foldable, portable, and easy to store
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Supports up to 330lbs
  • EVA foam pad
  • Two tool bags for outdoor gardening


  • Imported equipment

3. ABCOSPORT Garden Kneeler And Seat

garden kneeling bench
Source: Amazon

ABCOSPORT deep seat garden kneeler and the Seat is easy to use and convenient to kneel in the garden without any knees or back issues. It has a soft foam pad offering your knees a comfortable cushion. This kneeler has a solid metal frame that supports your hands and back for standing or kneeling. It is durable, easy to carry, and lightweight. You can turn this toolkit into a comfortable seat for relaxing when feeling tired from gardening activities.

It is perfect for enjoying a cup of tea in the garden relaxing in a seat. You can fold it flat, making it easy to store as it does not need much space with superior quality. ABCOSPORT Garden kneeler toolkit is suitable even for your outing.

Its soft foam pad offers you enormous comfort and support to your knees that prevent discomfort due to coarse soil, bushes, dry grass blades, and so on. It protects your clothes from dust, dirt, and grass stains., the ABCOSPORT Garden kit, handling outstanding support for kneeling and standing up, is excellent for those who have knee or backache issues. It is powerful but not bulky that you can carry without worrying about the strain on your hands.


  • Tool pouch that is helpful to carry garden tools effectively
  • User manual
  • It turns into a seat for relaxing
  • Easy to use and store
  • Foldable and portable
  • A strong and durable metallic frame
  • Long life
  • Sturdy and soft foam pad


  • As per customer reviews, the Seat is relatively narrow, and the bench is not stable.

Best Garden Kneeling Pads in 2021

1. Gorilla Grip Thick Kneeling Pads, Knee Pad Cushion

foam kneeling pad
Source: Amazon

Having an 11 inches width and a 17.5 inches length, the pad is large enough to contain your knees without hurting them. Its 1.5-inch ultra-supportive foam provides the knees with luxury comfort, while being resistant to high compression and preserving its cushion effect throughout many uses. The high density of the foam helps it neutralize the impact of any hard object that lies under it. Whether it’s stones, glass shards, rubble, or uneven ground, rest assured, your knees will not feel them through the foam.

There are many scenarios in which the pad can be useful. Whether you need to repair the car, do some gardening or practice some yoga, this kneeling pad will be happy to assist you. If you need to move the pad from one place to another, there is a handle there to allow you to get a firm and comfortable grip. Moreover, carrying the pad around is no burden, due to its incredibly light design. Working around water is also allowed, as the pad shows an excellent water resistance, absorbing only tiny amounts of moisture, which leads to a reduced drying time.

No matter how much moisture gets on the pad, be sure, your knees will not slip. The entire surface of the pad is grippy, making slipping impossible. Cleaning the pad is a breeze. Since it is covered with a vinyl wrapping, you will find it extremely easy to remove the dirt from it. A regular cleaning agent will do the trick in helping the pad spotlessly clean.

2. EXTRA Thick Large Kneeling Pad

kneeling mat for gardening
Source: Amazon

Providing maximum protection to your knees, this garden kneeler is perfect for backyard works. Whether you have to remove weeds from your garden, repair a broken car tire, or bathe your baby, this pad has your knees in safety, offering them the comfort of resting on a soft surface. With this pad, there is no need to keep the knees tight together to fit on the supportive foam. The pad is 18 by 11 inches, which means it easily contains your knees and even allows them to stay apart for more balance. The large size gives you the chance to try a wide variety of yoga poses, without being at risk of injury.

While being designed for knees, the pad can also be used as a support for feet. You can easily place your bare feet on the pad while performing fitness, yoga or pilates exercises. The high-density foam is rigid enough to withstand the whole body weight of an adult. At the same time, it’s not too solid to provide discomfort to the user. If after bathing the baby, lots of water got on the pad, be sure no moisture penetrated the foam and triggered the growth of mold. The vinyl wrapping is leak-proof and dries fast.

Being washable, the pad can be used both outdoors and indoors. So, after you finish your gardening, wash the pad and take it inside the house, where you can practice yoga, pray, or kneel to clean the lower doors of the kitchen cabinet. Washing the pad is as easy as ABC. Some warm water and dish soap do a great job of making the pad look as new.

3. The Original EZ KNEEZ PRO Kneeling Pad Cushion

best garden kneeler
Source: Amazon

This pad consists of 1.7 inches of high-density polyurethane foam that saves your knees from rigid terrain, uneven ground and rocks. The pad measures 11 by 18 inches which means your knees will fit greatly on it and even have some room for maneuvering left or right. This will prevent you from moving the whole pad when you want to change your location. The pad’s surface has grooves that prevent slips and reduce the risk of accidents and injury. Another great thing about this pad is that it doesn’t compress and or break down under the pressure of the knees and body. The foam will remain soft and sturdy throughout the time and always return to its initial shape after you remove your knees.

The pad is also resistant to water, allowing for minimal absorption and fast drying. So, if you have to bathe your child or wash the floor, don’t hesitate to protect your knees by placing this comfortable pad under them. Portability is also a feature that defines this amazing kneeling pad. It boasts a light design and a convenient handle that allow you to carry the pad around your backyard with much ease. Need to go out for some gardening work? Just grab the pad in one hand and the tools in another hand and head to the garden. No need to carry the pad first, then return to get the tools.

Handling dirt and stains that get on the kneeler while you are working in the backyard is easy. You just need a routine cleaner and a cloth to wipe the pad clean. In case of a tough stain, you may be tempted to use a harsh brush to remove it. It’s not a good idea, as the brush may leave scratches on the pad. Your best bet is to use a more powerful cleaner and wipe the stain off with a cloth.

Final Words

As gardening is a fun and rewarding job, choosing a garden kneeler and a seat is essential. It is a great way to keep your activity less painful. If you prefer a garden kneeler, there are tons of options available in the market. Kneeler and Seat come in a combo where you no longer need to purchase other things separately. Choose your toolkit according to your needs, comfort, and convenience.

If you are looking for a garden kneeler, the market comes with a wide choice for you. There are some features to look for in a pad to ensure its top quality. It should have a thick and high-density foam, a large kneeling platform, anti-slip grooves as well as a handle to allow you to carry it around your backyard. You should also look for a washable pad, as it gives you the chance to use a kneeler both outdoors and indoors.


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