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Every gamer can remember their first video-game console. Whether it was the Atari, Super Nintendo, or Xbox One, most gamers have fond memories of playing games on television. Start every game with the right mood! Yes, set up a good game night mood that does not only welcome but also excites your guests throughout the entire gaming session. This way, no one nags about a dull gaming room. Indeed, a gaming room that doesn’t immerse you and your friends or generally lacks personality won’t bring the best gaming experience and fun at all. The answer to having a nice gaming room is by installing gaming room lights. With the right lighting in your game room, you can create a more immersive environment for yourself and your guests. This will increase the enjoyment of playing games together. This post provides some ideas on how to build your own gaming room and create that perfect atmosphere for reading and losing yourself in another world.

Gaming room lights are a particular type of light that offers a splendid ambiance and lightens the gaming room in which you and your friends play various games; table and video games. The ideal game room light fixture should be both decorative and functional. Indeed, it would help if you had good game room lights to achieve the perfect gaming environment that encourages you to extend your gaming session and make you feel relaxed.

Types of Gaming Room Light Fixtures

Vault lights

Vault lights are long pendant lamps that hang above game tables. They provide you with both decoration and light. Be sure to coordinate the style of lighting fixtures you choose with the decorating style in your gaming room so that everything flows together nicely.


A great addition to a high-end gaming setup would be a classy chandelier. A fixture like this will help define your space as well as give it just enough classiness so that it’s enjoyable for guests or for kids who want to hang out in there.

Suspension fixtures

Suspension lights work well for game rooms with high ceilings. They give you a lot of control over your lighting scheme, whether you are looking for areas of focus or complete illumination throughout the entire room.

Recessed downlights

Recessed downlights really make an impact in any game room because they are designed specifically for this purpose. They provide strong illumination that will highlight key features in your game room and can be installed just about anywhere so long as there is access to standard electrical outlets and wiring capabilities in the ceiling joists above.

Track lighting

If no other form of lighting is available for your game room, the solution is easy: track lighting. Track lighting can be installed anywhere, even on a suspended ceiling. It has powerful individual lights that give you control over where they are placed and aimed.

Recessed Lighting

Depending on the theme of your game room you can find recessed lighting in many shapes and designs to match your style. The key is to have a few of them perfectly spaced around the room. If you want an ultra modern design go with glossy white boxes like these.

Task Lighting

You’ll want some task lighting for any spot where you like to sit and play games by yourself or with your close friends. Table lamps are always a good way to go, and many of them can match the recessed lighting or the chandelier that you choose as well as look great next to a couch or loveseat.

How to Pick the Best Type of Game Room Lights and What We Need to Consider?

The perfect game room lighting will provide the right mood and atmosphere, as well as practicality. A lot of gamers are looking for the most efficient way to light up their gaming area so that they can play with no distractions. It is important to do some research before buying any lights. There are many factors that you need to consider when purchasing the best type of game room lights for your gaming area. To help you out, here are some tips on how you can choose the right type of lighting system fit for your needs:

Determine what kind of lighting will work best in your space

You don’t want one single light source because it may create an intense glow in a certain corner or space while leaving another dark. Lighting needs to be distributed equally, and you can do this by installing different types of lights in your gaming room.

Get a general idea of how many light sources you need

You need to make sure that there is enough lighting for your gaming area even if the lights are turned off. To do this, it is essential to know how many game room lights are needed. You may have an idea before actually measuring the space and finding out what kind of system would work best for your game room’s layout.

Measure the square footage of your gaming room

It is important to get accurate measurements because bigger spaces will require more overhead lighting as well as task or accent lighting. This will also affect which type of fixture will work best in your game room.

Decide on the best type of light for your gaming area

There are many different types of game room lights to choose from, and it is important to pick one that will suit the purpose of your gaming space. Here are some examples: Under cabinet lighting – this is a great choice for under cabinets because it can provide task lighting while illuminating other areas in the game room as well. Pendant lighting – these hanging fixtures are definitely eye-catching and are perfect as accent or feature lighting. It has an uplifting feeling that can make any gamer feel more relaxed when playing their favorite games with friends and family members. Ceiling lights – this is most suitable if you have low ceilings and you want to provide more space. The right ceiling lights can make any gamer feel like he or she is playing in an arcade, especially if it provides ample task lighting as well. Recessed lighting – this type of game room lighting will offer the most contribution to the overall mood and atmosphere of your gaming area. It creates a comfortable ambience that makes you feel relaxed when playing battle royale games late at night with friends.

Determine how much light is needed

You need to understand that brighter areas require less light fixtures while darker corners may need multiple fixtures or even light bulbs with higher wattages. You also need to consider spaces where there are no windows because they are really dark and will require some additional overhead game room lights to create enough lighting.

Determine the best type of game room lighting depending on your budget

There are many different types of lights available in the market, so it is important that you choose one based on your preferred style and design as well as functionality. In addition, there are different fixture styles to choose from, such as traditional or contemporary ones, so you also need to consider which will work best for your space. Also, take note of your budget and try not to spend a lot of money if it isn’t necessary because this could be a setback when you’re planning on buying other things for your gaming area.

Top 6 best gaming room lights in 2021

One common dream among many avid gamers is installing amazing decorative lights that create a unique and unparalleled gaming space. Here are the various types of outstanding gaming room lights you should consider installing today. Here are the best three gaming room lights you can consider installing today.

Govee RGBIC RGBIC Color Changing Lights for TVs

Source: Amazon

The RGBIC backlight will allow you to change every strip and show many colors. To improve the viewing effect, use the colors picker to assure colors in your lighting behind the TV. LED lighting is best to brighten your bedroom, Christmas parties, and for the 30 to 50-inch TVs, and other electronic devices. Any spaces in your room should be illuminated and decorated.


  • Match with Audio: Govee Lights for TV have a built-in mic that allows the color to connect with the background music rhythm of the USB cable, letting you build the perfect ambiance for the game worlds or film marathons.
  • Dynamic Settings: The Govee Smart APP comes with several preset landscape modes to work with you to create the atmosphere you want, or you can pick one of the favorites to suit the emotions and improve your TV watching session.
  • Dual Control: Use the Govee App or the controller to regulate the lighting on the TV. Allowing you to turn on/off the lighting from your chair is no longer necessary; instead, use the Govee app to access other functions like audio mode, scene mode, or countdown.
  • Lights at Your Fingertips: All lighting systems are at the fingertips with app control. You can change the lights as per your needs, and switch lights using the app. Govee will teach you how to use lighting more intelligently. Backlighting can distract you while playing games. Avoid mounting it behind the pc.

Koicaxy Neon USB Light

Koicaxy Neon USB Light
Source: Amazon

Cloud neon lighting is made of acrylic light. The neon lights are constructed by hand. The most modern electrode system, with minimal energy usage and a high life expectancy. Because Koicaxy neon lights are designed with a 5V low-voltage layout, there will be no risk of glass breaking or toxic materials spilling. Neon wall lights have made their place in the homes of millions of people.


  • Brighten Up Your Living: When compared to normal lights, they have an enhanced lighting, a more uniform illumination, and a better farsightedness impact. Acrylic neon signs are more vibrant, heat resistant, and long-lasting. This USB light uses low voltage and saves energy. When lit, it is very peaceful and suitable for sleeping. There’s no foul gas or mercury, and there’s no need to refill it on a regular basis. There is little heat produced, and it is completely harmless to use and touch.
  • 3D technology: 3D Surface Printing Technique was used to create this handcrafted piece. Acrylic neon signs are more vibrant, heat resistant, and long-lasting.
  • Add Appeal with USB and Battery Usage: The neon panel is 13.4*12.2 inches in size. 3 AA cells are necessary to power the Koicaxy light. Insert USB link for the lights. Neon signs have two holes; you may place them on the walls or put them on the desk as desired; installation and activation are simple. Even though the lights are safe to use, you must be careful while installing them.

Chiphy Decor Color Changing Floor Lamp

gaming room floor lamp
Source: Amazon

Chiphy floor lamp with cool and unusual lamp shape, which can give you a fantastic impression. It is one of the best choices for gaming room lighting fixtures. It is not just a floor lamp, but also can play a room decoration fixture role. This floor lamp can add the right amount of light to a room. The corner and next to the table are the best place for a gaming room, and you can easily control the color by remote with different lighting modes.


  • Color changing and multiple modes
  • Simple and modern decor home fixture


game room light fixture
Source: blisslights

The Skylights is designed to produce wispy galaxies or patterns of infinite star-filled nights that cover your entire gaming room. You can either point the skylight projector at the wall or tilt it so that the beam of light reaches the room’s ceiling. Besides, you can set the lights such that they remain fixed or produce pulses. Moreover, you can do away with stars so that you project only the sky.

The galaxy lights produce infinite light options, thus making it possible for you to achieve precisely the perfect gaming room lighting you’ve been dreaming of.

Sky Lights twinkles a universe of moving stars alongside a migrating blue nebula cloud. The tilting design makes it possible for you to shine light effects on the ceiling or walls. Apart from transforming your gaming room, you can also decorate your office space, bedroom, yoga studio, and TV room, among many others. The Skylight is a perfect gift to someone hosting a special occasion.


  • It has very brilliant moving stars.
  • The tilting base makes it possible for you to shine effects on the ceiling or walls.
  • It has a drifting nebula cloud.
  • It comes with a USB cord including a 120-240 V adapter.
  • Plentiful light effects and brightness settings.
  • An auto 6-hour timer.
  • This patent design is the first in the market and so far is the highest quality galaxy light.


  • It is pretty expensive compared to other gaming room lights.
  • Not very energy-efficient.
  • It has only a 1-year warranty by the BlissLights.


Laser lights

gaming room lights ideas
Source: blisslights

The Laser lights are one of the most energy-efficient gaming room lighting solutions available today, yet they shine vibrant colors. The laser lights are designed to diffract lasers into tons of smaller beams so that using them in your gaming room can give thousands of flair with the most appropriate amount of brightness in your room.

Laser lights come with high-quality drifting laser stars with a dynamic, customizable multicolor cloud. The app control makes it possible to adjust the rotation, brightness, and colors. Besides, you can connect it to BlissLights App to access more advanced features such as timer settings and more custom light models. The multiple app-controlled BlissLights enables you to manage all the features solely from your phone.


  • Drifting cobalt blue stars.
  • It’s possible to connect with Bluetooth.
  • RGB multicolor cloud.
  • Includes three brightness settings.
  • A 6-hour auto-switch-off timer.
  • It has customizable timer settings.
  • You can connect it to multiple lights simultaneously.
  • The auto-cycle feature makes it possible to play all effects or only specific playlists.


  • It has only ten custom effect styles per light.
  • It is quite an expense.

Philips Hue Play

gaming room lighting
Source: Amazon

Today, you can’t claim to have a super fantastic gaming room without Philips Hue.

It is custom-made for avid gamers and is designed to offer a perfect balance between harsher and softer colors, thus making your gaming room magnificent.

Although it is not all about the infinite number of colors or the voice-controlled feature that gives this gaming light an upper hand over the others. The ability of the Philips Hue gaming light to smoothly sync with movies and the games you’re playing makes this Smart gaming light so unique. Place your Philips Hue Play behind the TV or monitor, and it will sync with the displayed content being played on the display. It then displays almost similar colors to the ones on display, thus making your movie-watching or gaming experience to another level.


  • The Philips Hue Play includes all the whistles and bells that are found on various Philips Hue products. These include Voice Control, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit support, 16 Million colors.
  • It has tried and tested the formula of offering excellent gaming lights.
  • The Hue Play is custom-made for avid gamers to provide a perfect balance of harsher and soft colors.


  • Limited brightness settings.
  • It doesn’t work through a TV set but only on a computer.

About gaming room lights ideas

The best thing about selecting gaming room lights is that there are many options you can consider. For instance, portable lamps, projectors, and skylights, so you pick the one that works for you. How do you know which are the best gaming room lights for your room?

Here are a few tips that can help you figure out how to go about it.

  • Know the right amount of lighting you need. Indeed, small gaming rooms do not need too much lighting compared to bigger gaming rooms. For instance, if the gaming room size is typical office space, one laser projector or Skylight is enough. However, if your gaming room is the entire basement space, you might need several lights for better lighting effects.
  • Decide where you’re going to place the lights. For instance, if you need the console, a transferable gaming room light is ideal since you can plug it into the console to match your setup.
  • Choose your favorite colors. If you want to keep your gaming room figuratively low-energy, then a laser projector with relatively few color options can be a perfect choice. If your gaming table and chairs are partially blue, then go for the blue lights.


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