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The usage of wall mounted hose reels is increasing day by day. Take a look at any house or industrial unit. You should come across this handy device. It’s a mechanism to store and use a hose on a barrel for simplicity and ease of access. Due to its widespread applications, many companies offer this useful tool in various models. So, choosing the right one becomes a bit daunting. Still, a wall mounted hose reel makes a popular choice for most users. Let’s find the importance, benefits, and tips on choosing an ideal product.

Why Do You Need A Wall Mounted Hose Reel?

When it comes to buying hose reels, there are many options. You can order standalone reels, wall-mounted systems, and other models. However, many buyers favor a wall-mounted system over others. Why? Let’s find out the reason.

Saves Water

Today, water conservation has become paramount. People love to own items that save water. It’s here a wall-mounted reel outshines others. The device lets you save a great deal of water. How? Once you disconnect the tap and the hose, the trip device gets plugged in, which prevents waste or leakage after watering.

Easy to Transport and Use

Due to its strong built, a modern wall mounted hose reel can be tilted at a 180-degree angle. That lets you avoid a kinky mess during the watering tenure. Plus, you get to fold the hose with virtually no issues.

Doesn’t Crank or Bend Hoses

A wall-mounted reel ensures that your hose doesn’t crank or bend after watering. All you should do is pull it back manually or automatically depending on the mechanism. Most wall-mounted reels automatically pull the hose, thus keeping problems at bay.

Ease of Storage

A standalone reel takes up too much floor space in your house. A wall-mounted model, on the other hand, occupies very little space. It doesn’t eat your floor space. Instead, it stays mounted on the wall, thus freeing up the floor area.

What to Consider When Buying A Wall Mounted Hose Reel?

Okay, you know the advantages of choosing a wall-mounted model over a standalone unit. So, you may be eager to buy the product. However, before heading out to shop, you must do your homework carefully to avoid a nightmarish experience. Here’s a checklist that should ease your shopping tenure.


The usage of the hose and its installation on the reel determines the length. For instance, if you wish to water a long yard, you need a lengthy reel to accommodate a longer hose. A shorter reel should come in handy for watering a small garden in your outdoor area.


Hose reels are made out of various materials. You can find plastic, fiber, and metal models. Metal reels stand as the best choice for heavy-duty usage. Plastic and fiber models are ideal for homeowners.

Retraction Method

Usually, the length and size of the hose determine the retraction method. Manual retraction is less expensive, but it could get tedious with time. Also, manual retraction works fine for a small hose for a small backyard. Automatic (motorized) retraction makes the right selection for industrial purposes.


Of course, you want to make the best out of your purchase. So plan your budget meticulously. Proper budgeting lets you stay clear of a costly product. Determine the upper and lower financial limits. That should optimize your shopping tenure without spending too much.


No matter how you use the reel, it’ll pose repairing issues. You may be ready to invest in minor problems, what about serious repairs? So, how do you avoid such scenes? Checking the warranty of the item can resolve this problem. Make sure that the reel you choose is backed by a solid warranty. Warranties help you get repairs and replacements for a specified time without investing a single dime.

wall mounted hose reel metal

Plastic Wall Mounted Reel or Metal Wall Mounted Hose Reel

By this point, you know the importance of a hose reel and what to check in a quality product. Now, you’d like to choose the right item. However, some folks bat for plastic models, whereas others endorse metal reels. You might get confused – which one is the best. Let’s compare the two models to arrive at a better decision.


Plastic reels carry lightweight. So, they make a suitable option for simple, day-to-day uses in households. Metal reels are heavier and can strain your walls. Despite this point, they tend to be the right option for holding longer hoses for watering.


When it comes to longevity, the metal model outsmarts its plastic counterpart. Plastic reels aren’t as durable as metal versions. They wear out with time. This is more so in the case of heavy-duty usage. Metal models feature higher durability and can stand time and usage beatings with ease. Once bought, you can enjoy their services for a long time.


Plastic hose reels usually have manual or spring-loaded retraction. They’re ideal for holding small hoses for watering a small garden. Metal reels, on the other hand, come motorized. They save your time and are highly efficient for prolonged uses.


As far as cost goes, metal hose reels carry a higher price tag. However, their durability and longevity recoup the cost. Plastic reels come at an affordable price tag. However, they need more care and attention to enjoy their services without repairs or replacements.


Maintaining a plastic hose reel is simple. A cloth dipped in a regular cleaning solution should suffice the cleaning chore. However, you need to ensure that the hose isn’t too heavy; otherwise, the reel will come off the wall or bend. Metal reels warrant more attention on the cleaning facet. Weather can corrode the metal. While steel makes the best alternative, it may feel heavier on your budget.

Best Wall Mounted Hose Reel In 2022

However, several brands claim to make the best hose reels in the market, thus the search for the right product can be difficult. This is why we have checked the popular rates on garden hose reels that are mountable on walls and created this list to help you purchase the best and useful product for your home. Let’s take a look.

1. Liberty Garden Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

decorative wall mount hose reel
Source: Amazon

Liberty garden decorative wall mount hose reel is one of the high-quality products you will get in the market. The company too has been doing business for 15 years. This hose reel has a brass outer part, cast aluminum build, non-rust, and non-corrosive fittings. The cast aluminum is coated with a weather-resistant solution and a powdered finish that makes sure that you can use it for a long time. You will get a fully assembled unit and the only thing you have to do is to mount it on the wall. You will not get the mounting hardware and the hose in the package, as you have to buy them separately. Moreover, you will get five feet leader hose. When you are about to mount the hose reel on the wall, you can do it all by yourself. This is because the reel weighs only 12.6 pounds. However, don’t let the kids go near it at the time of hoisting the reel on the all.

You can hold the wall mounted hose up to 125 feet, other than this, you can utilize a shelf to keep the potted plants and tools. For a better look, there is a spiraled finish on the model and it will enhance the beauty of your lawn.


  • It has a durable build
  • You will get it fully assembled
  • There is a shelf included in the package
  • You will get the best value for your money
  • It is a decorative hose reel


  • The only disadvantage of this reel is that the hose and the mounting gear aren’t included in the package.

2. Liberty Garden 510 Wall Mount Reel

best wall mounted hose reel
Source: Amazon

The Liberty company for hose reel is a well-known one, and they offer some compact features for a better user experience. The measurement of the hose reel is 11.5 inches x 16 inches but it’s capable of holding the weight of 100 feet garden hose. You will not get the hose with the package, but there will be a six feet black leader hose in the box.

This wall mounted hose weighs only 3.45 pounds thus it’s very lightweight and has the color of bronze with polyresin. Unlike other products, in the market, the metal parts of it will never rust, but it’s not as durable or strong as a metal body is.

This hose reel has the feature of a keyhole which is easier to install and then remove for storage during the wintertime. Other than this, you will get mounting hardware in the package like wall anchors and wood screws. However, the locking system that helps the hose reel to stay in the wall isn’t that tight so it might not hold the weight for a long time.


  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has a compact design
  • Very easy to install
  • You will get the mounting hardware in the package


  • The locking system is not tight. Thus it might not hold the weight for a long time
  • The build quality is not up to the mark

3. RL Flo-Master Hose Reel

It’s a retractable garden hose reel that is available with a sixty-five feet hose with threaded brass at the end of it to ensure better durability. There is a hose stopper that will lock the device at any length you want and this way you can prevent the retracting of the machine. The automatic guide available with the hose will prevent overlaps while retracting.

Additionally, there are eight features in the nozzle, you will get triangle, center, jet, mist, cone, soaker, flat, and shower. These features will help you spray on different plants.

The mounting hardware is included in the package and the brackets have a 180-degree swivel so that you can access every part of your lawn while watering it. You will also get a carrying handle which will help you carry it around. However, the weight is 25.9 pounds so it will be complex to carry it around.

The RL Flo hose reel has several plastic parts which might not give a longer service. Furthermore, many users have complained that the process could be a bit smoother. But all in all, you will get a one-year guarantee on the materials and the damages.


  • You will get brass fittings
  • It has 180-degree swivel
  • Has the eight nozzle features
  • Comes with a carrying handle


  • Has a poor quality build
  • The process of retracting could be smoother

4. AMES Reel Easy Side Mount Reel

modern plastic wall mounted hose reel
Source: Amazon

The AMES hose reel has compact features and it’s very lightweight, it weighs just 1.2 pounds and has it measures 19 inches x 20 inches. For the lightweight of this wall mounted hose, you can set it up easily, especially this is because you will get mounting instruments in the package. This reel can hold up to 100 feet, and it includes a leader hose.

You will get a fully assembled unit and all you have to do is to mount the reel on the wall. You will find the process very easy, and you will like the neutral color of the product as it will match perfectly with the outdoor of your house. In the mounting instruments, you will get only flathead screws, so you might have to buy more for the task.

Unwinding and winding the hose will be easy because the reel guide will help you align the entire length. Other than this, you will get an easy spin grip that will provide comfort while reeling the hose. The main issue with AMES is that some parts of it are made of plastic.


  • The product is very lightweight
  • Has a compact feature
  • You will get a hose guide
  • The reel will arrive fully assembled


  • The package only has flathead wood screws
  • Some parts are made of plastic

A wall mounted hose reel comes in handy for residential as well as industrial uses. However, choosing the right one can get tricky and involves a lot of consideration. You may simplify your buying process by checking this handy guide. With useful info by your side, picking the best wall-mounted reel becomes effortless and cost-effective.


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