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Drip irrigation hose is made up of small tubes that are connected to a small plastic or metal tube, with a few emitters located along the entire length of the tube, which allows soil moisture to seep into the tube. The drip irrigation tubes have water holes throughout them. When water reaches the water hole it gets released, which can be heard as a hissing sound. The emitters have nipples on them which allow water to travel down into the drip irrigation tube and slowly seep out.

Drip irrigation hose can be used in gardens, flower beds, front yards and backyards. They are easy to use and you can turn them on by simply turning off the regular water supply from your house. The system will control how much water is being used automatically which saves energy as well as money in the long run.

Why you need drip irrigation hose?

Below are various reasons why you need drip irrigation hose, reasons which will help you make your choice:

Helps to save water and energy

Drip irrigation hose which only releases a few drops at a time at the demand, so it will greatly reduce the amount of water you use in your garden or front yard. By using this method of watering your plants, they will surely flourish after short period of time. Also, because the water is not being wasted from running out freely from a tap or sprinkler, you are reducing your bills and saving the environment by using less water.

Help to save time and money

In drip irrigation system, you don’t have to go to the garden all the time to water your plants, you can control how much water is being used automatically. You just need to turn on the system for a few hours and let it run its magic. In this way, you will save your time as well as saving money for buying unnecessary things for watering your plants.

Environmentally friendly

Watering your garden, lawn or plants with drip system can reduce the waste of water, which is delivered directly to the soil according to the plant’s needs. The plants will be healthier as they are getting all the nutrients and elements that they need from the soil. It is also a good way to protect our environment from contamination of water because less water will be wasted due to evaporation.

Prevents disease and insect infestations on plants

If you want healthy, colorful and vigorous plants, then drip irrigation hose can help you achieve your goal much easily. With drip irrigation system, you can surely prevent any disease or insect infestation which will allow your plants to grow and flourish to their maximum potential.

Helps prevent plant freezing or dying due to cold weather

This is especially important for people who live in areas that are cold during winter months, if you leave a sprinkler on all day, it will not only waste a lot of water but also cause the plants to die. With drip irrigation hose however, the amount of water used is controlled and regulated by an automatic timer so that the temperature in your garden will remain warm even during cold winter months.

No need for large amounts of water pressure to work

It is important to note that this system does not require a high water pressure in order to work properly. The emitters or nozzles on the drip irrigation hose will deliver slow trickle of water directly to your plants, which prevents over watering as well as runoff and unnecessary waste of water. It allows your plants to keep their natural moisture levels, which is very important for healthy growth and development of your plants.

No need for running electricity out in the garden

Even though it is waterproof, drip irrigation hose can be simply laid on the ground without any wiring or power supply involved. It is designed in a way that it works without any type of power or electricity, so you can place it anywhere without worry about getting electrocuted.

It is easy to install and remove

Drip irrigation hose is considered as an eco-friendly watering system as it allows your plants to grow naturally with the help of slow trickle of water. You don’t have to dig up your lawn or garden to install this system because it can be easily placed on top of the soil and will not occupy much space in your garden, lawn or flower bed. Also, if you are transferring from another house to another one with a different garden, you can easily reuse this system by transferring everything with ease.

What is the difference between a soaker hose and a drip hose?

  1. Soaker hose is the old time watering system which has no drip action. Soaker hoses can be used in large water sources like fountains, ponds, etc.
  2. Drip hose is a special kind of tubing which has drip action. This can be used when watering your lawn and garden.
  3. Soaker hose is a little bit more pricey than the drip hose, so you will have to see which one you prefer before purchasing it.
  4. The main difference between drip irrigation system and soaker hoses is that the drip irrigation system can control how much water is being used, while the soaker hose does not have any water control at all, so you will have to go and refill it whenever you need some extra water.

What size tubing should I use for drip irrigation?

There is no specific size for drip irrigation hose. It all depends on the size of the water ways or the faucet you are using. You can use standard tubing which can be found at any hardware store in the market or you can purchase a pre-made drip system for your yard. But make sure that you don’t buy a pre-made system which doesn’t have any fittings as these aren’t as durable and will not last long.

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For better gardening and lawn care, it is a good idea to install a drip irrigation system. In this way, you will save water, time and money. It is also an eco-friendly way to grow your plants because less water will be wasted due to evaporation. If you are looking for the best drip irrigation hose for your garden or lawn, then we would highly recommend that you choose the product below. This product will bring out the best in your gardening experience and make sure that you achieve all of your gardening goals with ease.


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