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Heated water hoses are an important product for anybody who wishes to use a travel trailer while in cold areas. You must ensure that the toilets, showers, sinks are working properly when you’re in a trailer. When you need to replace or buy a heated hose for your RV, livestock, farm, or camping, there are some things that you ought to know. Generally, heated water hoses are simple pieces of the appliance; however, there are some little tips and quirks you should be aware of before you can find the best heated water hose for your needs.

Before we can further go, you need to acknowledge that these hoses are not unwanted products or items that only RVs need. Frozen pipes and hoses may cause devastating damage to RV that can cause a long-time problem and short term. For sure, it is not going to be as business as usual if your water supply begins to freeze. As a fact, you won’t be in a position to use water for the bathroom, or the kitchen and hot shower will be a far-fetched expectation. Even worse, more damage can be anticipated if you don’t have the appropriate equipment and are well maintained.

In case the pipes, hoses, or holding tanks in your RV freeze with water in them, the ice may expand and bring permanent damage to the whole infrastructure of your RV. Flooding, burst pipes, and leaking pipes are not simple problems to handle if freezing occurs with your water infrastructure. However, if you’re cautious and pick the best set of heated hoses, you can prevent such kinds of problems even before they happen.

With the best heated water hose, all your water sources in your RV won’t freeze up. It will also help avoid problems like pipe bursting due to unbalanced contraction and expansion. Leakage can also occur due to water freezing, not to mention the damage that will befall your water infrastructure.

How Much Electricity Does A Heated Water Hose Use?

The amount of power the heated water hose needs depends on its brand and length. But averagely, a 50” hose consumes about 360 watts, whereas a 25” one needs 180 watts of power. As you can see, this equipment needs a lot of power, and it can run optimally.

What Does A Heated Hose Do, and Why Do You Need It?

Heated water hoses in RV feature a long heat strip parallel to their length. The heated hose keeps water against freezing when it passes via the tube. These kinds of hoses need to be connected to an electric source for them to function, and they come in a wide range of sizes and energy needs. Suppose you’re an avid traveler using a trailer, and you’ll be heading to a location that has a possibility of freezing winter temp. In that case, you’ll need to have a heated water hose to keep all your water supply equipment working seamlessly.

What You Need to Consider Before You Buy A Heated Hose

You need to consider some factors before you can purchase a heated horse. First, it should meet your needs and perform its tasks in the best manner. Some of the key things that you need to consider before acquiring this equipment include:

Safety Controls

A heating element usually warms a hose and runs down the entire length. Any heating element should therefore have an automated mechanism. This means that when power is applied to warm the hose and temperatures drop below a certain level, it automatically shuts off to keep you safer. Those that do not have this feature can easily overheat with a continuous power warming on the hose. This can go to the point of melting or even blowing up, causing some accidents.

PSI Rating or Hose Burst Pressure

A low-quality hose cannot withstand higher water pressure. Therefore, it is wise to always look for high-quality hoses to avoid these scenarios. Each time you are out shopping for a heating hose, you should check on the PSI rating to ensure its strength. This helps you avoid bursting or leaking of these hoses due to high pressure. You can also opt to use a water regulator for connection to protect plumbing lines from higher PSI coming from external water sources.

Safety of Potable Water

You should ensure that the material that goes into the heated hose is safer for use in your RV if you rely on this water for cooking or drinking. However, most heated hoses in the market are only used to wash vehicles or other non-drinking operations. So, you can consider getting a heated hose that is designed from BPA-free materials, making it safer for everyday use. Other heated hoses have a sun-blocking layer that prevents fungus or algae growth just in case water sits for longer stretches.

Temperature Rating

The main purpose of a heated hose is to carry water during freezing temperatures and avoid any damage arising from the expansion and cracking of the hose due to frozen water. This is one of the most important considerations, and you can go for a hose with a lower freeze protection rating. If you live in a colder region, you can go for a hose with a rating of -30°F. This will help to withstand those freezing temperatures.

Energy Draw of The Heated Hose

There are different hoses, and you will find that others could be using more electricity than others. This is to maintain the water warm in the pipes and avoid freezing. You should choose a heated hose with the lowest amperage rate to avoid stressing your electrical system.

Length of The Hose

It is wiser to purchase a hose that will suit your needs in most scenarios. Therefore, you can go for one with a length of 25-50 feet. Paying for a longer hose can be a bit expensive, and also storing it can be so frustrating; however, whenever you need a longer hose, you will be much grateful for having purchased a longer one.

Best Heated Water Hose in 2022

best heated water hose
Source: Amazon

Most people make the heated water hose by own, buy it directly is the best choice for someone useless at DIY. And this Camco heated water hose product is a good choice for you guys. It has an energy saving thermostat and it is not going to turn if it doesn’t need to, which can help the water line out of freeze(suitable for -20 degrees around. With the female-to-male adapter, you can easily connect to the water source. It is a good product, but you need to take really good care of it and plug it in before it starts getting to cold out.


  • Several lengths you can pick, satisfy all kinds of needs
  • With an adapter, easy to use
  • NSF-61 certificated hose


  • It is stiff and bulky and difficult to care it and takes up much space
  • The power cord is short, it will be a problem if your power pedestal is not close to it (For this, you better to get an extension cord).


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